Be Yourself

Moi Même is a research of one’s deepest essence. M is the initial of the dearest loved ones and the fetish letter that names all the brand creations. Moi Même is synonymous of an eclectic and contemporary femininity that celebrates a timeless and measured elegance.

Moi Même is a Milanese story that celebrates beauty and sober elegance, and pays tribute to an authentic and timeless style.

Moi Même accessories and their timeless charme give a clear and sophisticated allure to those who wear them. The collections mirror the stylist’s passions and her fascination with the early century glamour and mysterious, bewitching gesture, that she reinterprets with irony. Its exclusive and unconventional design is inspired by the 30’s and 40’s architecture and aesthetic, and it is evident in its patterns and in the shape of the decorative elements.

Each Moi Même object requires time, talent, and true love for details. This philosophy creates iconic styles, whose distinctive elements are light paddings that give tridimensionality to its essential lines or rings used as charms on chains and shoulder straps, that become seals to reassert the inseparable bond between aesthetic and function.

A careful combination of hidden details, the love of refined lines and the use of top quality materials, are the signature of the brand and its unique bags and jewels, totally Made in Italy by skillful craftsmanship.

Structured but sensual, the accessories signed by Roberta Giacobbe express the harmony and sobriety of the brand, showing hidden suggestions in a continuous contrast between balance and seduction.