Moi Même collections seduce those who loves details, support craftsmanship and Made in Italy, and tell the constant research of its own uniqueness through the working of raw materials and the creation of its styles. Bags are jewels of technical mastery, refined to the last detail.

Each piece is cut and assembled with expertise by skillful craftsmen and offer a discreet luxury, yet never ordinary. Evening or day, handbags or shoulder bags, to style with matching bijoux, in any way they are worn the Moi Même collections mirror the personality of those who choose them, giving back a sophisticated image to the world, beyond trends and inspired by a seducing femininity.


Moi Même represents an ideal of absolute and endurable elegance. Each bag, its shape and various color combinations tell a story of passion for product and a never concealed joy for a new idea of lux that is coming through that values concepts like authenticity and returning to the essential. Moi Même accessories are every time new in structure and materials, bringing forward the maison desire to create beautiful, contemporary, timeless accessories. The supply chain traceability and the craftsmanship are in the brand DNA. A DNA that promotes a sophisticated and timeless design where market seasonality and frenzy are concepts no longer effective, a more intimate elegance, made of small details to unveil, and an environmental awareness.

Moi Même vision stands for a self-aware lifestyle, adding to its collections everyday objects thought to reduce the use of polluting disposable products and choosing a packaging in recovered fibers and pure FSC cellulose.


Moi Même is born from the creativity of the fashion designer Roberta Giacobbe, many famous luxury brand collaborations behind her — Fontana Milano 1915, Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani —and an inexhaustible love for fashion and leather goods. Since childhood she shows a particular interest in art, architecture and photography, that results in a constant study of the surrealist and dadaist aesthetic, whose influence is evident in her collections. She admitted she would have loved to be born in those years, tasting the unparalleled desire to experiment, confront, and be part of that intellectual ferment that characterized the first decades of the past century.

Curious traveler with a passion for la Ville Lumière, where she often returns as a tourist or for work, in Roberta Giacobbe’s creations it is clear her ability to mix her cultural interests, while searching new ideas. Through her work the designer elaborates languages that go beyond trends, creating a bold and personal vocabulary, made of seductive and mysterious women’s objects, synonymous of a refined contemporary.